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Basic Cryptographic Research With Practical Relevance

Practical applications are often complex and mathematically messy – which is why theoretical research has often dealt with problems that have nothing to do with real-world situations. Eike Kiltz hopes to change that.

Cryptography plays a crucial role in modern IT security. And yet, basic research has primarily focused on purely theoretical problems of little practical relevance. Practical problems are usually not easy to grasp, because they are too complex and mathematically messy, so to speak. For example, little is known about the formal security of the signature process used in digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. With the ERC project “REWORC – New Foundations for Real-World Cryptography”, Eike Kiltz wants to narrow the gap between theory and practice in cryptography. The project starts in 2022.


Professor Eike Kiltz

Eike Kiltz is a member of the Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security and one of the speakers of the CASA Cluster of Excellence.


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