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DFG Priority Programs coordinated at Ruhr University

The Priority Programmes of the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft – DFG) aim to give clear impetus to the advancement of science and the humanities through coordinated multi-location funding for important new research topics.

  • SPP 2458: Combinatorial Synergies
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Christian Stump
    Funding since 2024
  • SPP 2187: Adaptive Modularised Constructions Made in a Flux: Rapid, Economical and Alterable
    Coordination: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Mark
    Funding since 2019
  • SPP 2176: The Iranian Highlands: Resilience and Integration of Premodern Societies
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Thomas Stöllner
    Funding since 2019
  • SPP 1921: Intentional Forgetting in Organizations – Mechanisms of Forgetting as Ways for Organizations to Adapt to an Environment in Which the Amount of Information is Constantly Growing
    Coordination: Prof. Dr. Annette Kluge
    Funding since 2016

Good to Know

Once the DFG Senate has reached a decision to establish a Priority Programme, the German Research Foundation DFG will announce it to the German research community by way of a nationwide call for proposals.

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