ERC-Starting-Grant Tschulik (EN)
Kristina Tschulik

Grantee Professor Kristina Tschulik

Professor Kristina Tschulik, Chair of Analytical Chemistry II, was awarded an ERC Starting Grant.

Kristina Tschulik studied chemistry at Technische Universität Dresden, where she also completed her doctorate in 2012. While pursuing her PhD degree, she worked at the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Material Research and then as a postdoctoral Marie Curie Intra European Fellow at the University of Oxford. After a research stay in Johannesburg, South Africa, she joined RUB in September 2015 – initially as junior professor in the team of the Resolv Cluster of Excellence, funded by the NRW Returning Professor Programme of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research. In 2017, Kristina Tschulik was a visiting professor at Université Paris Diderot in France, and has been Head of the Chair of Analytical Chemistry II at RUB since June 2018.

With her ERC Grant, she intends to study individual nanoparticles in order to optimise them for catalysis.

Nanoparticles for green catalysis

In search of alternatives for precious metal-based catalysts, researchers are hoping to use nanoparticles based on transition metals. In order to design them in the best possible way, it is necessary to analyse their catalytic activity in relation to their properties.


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