Sonderforschungsbereich SFB 837 Tunnelbau Tunnelmodell (EN)
Tunnel model

Interaction modelling in mechanised tunneling

This Collaborative Research Centre aims at improving overall security in tunnel construction.

How can a tunnel be built without putting the surrounding roads and buildings at risk? The geological situation has to be known very precisely. And the requirements for such an undertaking are justifiably high. Yet there is still a risk. The safety requirements also demand expensive measures.

In the Collaborative Research Centre 837 “Interaction modelling in mechanised tunneling”, researchers draw up models in order to make tunnel construction more economical and safer. They develop numeric models, computer-supported simulation methods and draft concepts to realistically portray the complex interactions between the building ground, the tunnel boring machine, support measures and above-ground building development in a computer model. And problems should thus be identified reliably before the working face, the point at which the cutting wheel digs the tunnel. Knowledge from this Collaborative Research Centre enables tunnel projects to be planned and implemented better.

SFB 837

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