ERC Grant Plumere Katalysatoren Kolben (EN)
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New catalysts for energy conversion

With the ERC funds, the researcher wants to develop less expensive alternatives to existing catalysts.

Nicolas Plumeré wants to use the ERC funds to move closer to applications for highly active, but fragile catalysts for energy conversion. It is a challenge to transform energy from renewable energy sources into a form that can be stored, for example the chemical fuel hydrogen. Currently, doing so usually requires using the expensive and rare metal platinum as a catalyst.

The goal of the chemist is to create a less expensive alternative by making it possible to use naturally occurring enzymes that contain nickel or iron for this purpose. Since catalysts of such elements are often unstable, the researcher wants to embed them in a stabilizing matrix. The project starts in 2017.

(The grantee has in the meantime moved to another research institution.)

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