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Protecting Small Chips Against Attacks

Chips contain information that needs to be protected with cryptographic protocols. The project focuses on the development of new security measures.

We are all familiar with small chips: on electronic passports, health cards, or in automatic door openers. They are also used in medicine, for instance in pacemakers. They contain information about us that needs to be protected with cryptographic protocols. Together with Professor Mihir Bellare from the University of California San Diego and Professor Christof Paar from the Chair for Embedded Security at Ruhr University Bochum, Professor Eike Kiltz is working on new security procedures for such chips.

The ERC Consolidator Grant of Eike Kiltz is endowed with 1.8 million euros. The project starts in 2014.

Professor Eike Kiltz

Eike Kiltz heads the Chair for Cryptography at the Faculty of Mathematics.


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