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RUB-China Scholarship Council (CSC) Program

The China Scholarship Council (CSC) offers scholarships to highly qualified Chinese candidates who wish to study and/or carry out research at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany.

In order to strengthen existing education and research cooperation with Chinese universities and research institutions, establish new networks, provide high quality research training to qualified students from China, the Ruhr-University Bochum offers a CSC Scholarship Program for Chinese PhD (Doctoral) students. Candidates can apply for open PhD positions in three subjects: Neuroscience, Physics and Materials Research as listed on the website. Excellent students from the People's Republic of China willing to enrol in a PhD Program at the Ruhr University should apply for General Program of the CSC.

Scholarships awardees can then engage in full-time PhD studies and research at the Ruhr University. Each PhD project is supervised by two professors at the Ruhr University (conducted within 4 years programs), provided the funding by the China Scholarship council is confirmed. Please check the application procedure and eligibility criteria on our website. Following completion of the PhD program and successful defence of the PhD dissertation in the final PhD examination, doctoral candidates will be awarded a PhD / Doctoral degree of Ruhr University Bochum. Double degree options (German and Chinese PhD certificates) can be arranged on an individual basis.

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International cooperations at the Ruhr University Bochum

RUB fosters global networked research and teaching, as well as internationally oriented study opportunities and cooperation. Our departments and institutions maintain many partnerships with universities and institutes all over the world.

Existing RUB-China cooperations

The Ruhr University has a number of long-term cooperations in research and teaching with Chinese Universities.

Tongji University – Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Cooperation between Ruhr-Universität Bochum and Tongji University has a long history. The universities started working together in 1980. The long-standing cooperation is still being developed and intensified; new projects and faculty partnerships arise in different subjects.

Global University cooperation includes students´ exchange, joint study programmes, research exchange, joint scholarships, cooperation in research, and cooperation in institutional development

China Aero Geophysical Survey and Remote Sensoring Center for Land and Resources (AGRS) - Faculty for Geosciences

Faculty Partnership: Student and research exchange, research cooperation, joint publications.

City University of Hong Kong – Faculty for Philology

Faculty Partnership: Student and research exchange, research cooperation.

East China Normal University - Faculty of Philosophy and Education

Faculty Partnership: student exchange, mutual recognition of study and examination achievements, joint study programmes, project cooperation, research cooperation.

East China Normal University - Faculty of East Asian Studies

Faculty Partnership: student exchange, PhD candidates’ exchange, young researcher network, research and teaching exchange and cooperation.

Fudan University- Faculty of East Asian Studies

Faculty Partnership: student exchange, project cooperation.

University Jilin - Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty partnership: student exchange, exchange of non-academic staff, project cooperation, cooperation in teaching, exchange of literature, publications, etc.

Xi'an Jiaotong University- Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Partnership: research and student exchange.

More information on international cooperation and Chinese partner universities: MoveON - Internationale Hochschulpartnerschaften der Ruhr-Universität Bochum (

Research at the Ruhr University

A highly supportive environment for research and researchers

Each of the twenty-one Faculties of the Ruhr University are intensively engaged in high-level research and student education, both from the monodisciplinary and multidisciplinary perspectives.

In addition to its faculty structure, the Ruhr University hosts nine Research Departments that specifically foster state-of-the art interactions between our top researchers. These transfacultative departments provide research infrastructure and focussed support for the main research areas of the RUB. The departments comprise: Solvation Science, Cyber Security, Neuroscience, Materials Research, Plasmas with Complex Interactions, Religious Studies, Protein Science, Subsurface Modeling and Engineering, and Closed Carbon Cycle Economy.

The Ruhr University is a very popular host for internationally renowned researchers from all over the world. The high number of guest researchers at RUB is represented in a summary of the Humboldt Foundation. The Ruhr University is one of the 20 leading universities in Germany by weighted ranking.

Focus on international early career researchers

International PhD students are a welcome addition to the academic community at the Ruhr University. Our university is located in the Ruhr valley, affectionally referred to by locals as the Ruhrpott. This area truly is a melting pot where people from all over the world and diverse cultures are at home. The Ruhr University environment reflects this highly diverse demographic. The international programmes of the university support the mobility of our students and scholars in study, research, and teaching. The Ruhr University attaches great importance to the tailored support of outstanding young academics from all over the world and their international profiles right from the start. Our goal is to help them develop a broad variety of excellent international research and personal skills, and to help them build their own international networks required for a career in international research. The many international graduate schools at the Ruhr University are funded by different national and international institutions and enable our candidates acquire internationally recognised Masters and Doctoral degrees.

Doctoral Degree at the Ruhr University Bochum: information for prospective PhD students applying for CSC Scholarship in Germany

The Ruhr University Research School

In addition to the formally structured doctoral degree programmes of the different research discipline of the Ruhr University, we also offer customised support by means of our Ruhr University (RUB) Research School . This comprises our university- and faculty-wide central campus hub for doctoral researchers (PhD candidates). The particular focus of the RUB Research School is the personal and career development of our doctoral students, for which it is internationally regarded as a best-practice model. All doctoral candidates at the Ruhr University are welcome to join the RUB Research School and benefit from its diverse and enriching curriculum. The goal is to provide our doctoral candidates with an advanced qualification beyond borders, and support for a seamless transition into the job market. Aside from excellent advice on starting or planning a doctorate at the RUB, a range of international qualification/training programmes as well as international mobility and networking opportunities are offered by this structure. Special multidisciplinary communication events also provide our doctoral candidates with the opportunity to meet and develop friendships with colleagues all over the campus, in keeping with the long-standing tradition of the Ruhr University to foster an atmosphere of welcome and collegiality to all of our community.

Information for international PhD students can be found here: Research School

International Office

The International Office (IO) is a support hub for all scientists that come to the Ruhr University from abroad. It supports international students and academics in their everyday lives, and offers specific support when international scientists are planning a move to the Ruhr University in terms of helping to find housing and accommodation and dealing with formal issue such as acquiring a visa. Once the international scientists has arrived in Bochum the International Office also provides concrete support in tasks such registering with the authorities, acquiring health insurance, advice on acquiring a bank account, as well as tips on how to enjoy local leisure activities. Through its academic network, the International Office also supports our international academics in finding new friends through its various social activities.

The Welcome Centre of the International Office welcomes all international researchers of the Ruhr-University Bochum. Here you will receive information and targeted assistance on various topics that are important in the preparation and implementation of your stay in Bochum, i.e.:

FAQs and useful information for all candidates planning to obtain a PhD in Germany you will find on the Research in Germany Portal.

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