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In collaboration with six international partners, the Social Movements Institute studies why humans do not learn from memories and how memory works.

Many museums and memorials commemorate the wars in Europe. Nevertheless, nationalism is growing to an alarming extent. Why do people not learn from memories? How does memory work? And how could it possibly work better? This is being investigated by scientists at the Institute for Social Movements at RUB with six international partners in the EU project “Unsettling remembering and social cohesion in transnational Europe (UNREST)”, which is coordinated by Professor Stefan Berger. It is being funded with around 2.5 million euros until 2019.

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The EU projects at RUB form part of the Horizon 2020 programme. The European Union thus supports outstanding research since 2014. The projects are intended to yield innovations for the future. In this way, the EU is also strengthening it’s research landscape and bringing science, industry, and society together for productive developments from Europe.

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