Central Research Institutions

In central research institutions, researchers from different disciplines conduct research into one joint topic.

Metallfeile und CNC-Fräse

The institute focuses on organizations undergoing transition processes, analyzing them in their entirety.

Windräder auf einem Feld

The institute focuses on maintaining all matters pertaining to mining and energy law, which are closely interwoven, as well as their legal links.

Rote Religionsbücher

The members analyse religions with regard to their momentum as well as with regard to their interaction with other areas of society.

Eine Schale mit Reis

The institute is currently conducting joint research into food safety, labour markets, working and social standards, as well as into combating the causes of migration and flight.

Buch Charter of the United Nations

The institute focuses on the legal situation before, during, and after humanitarian crises, the way they affect society and institutions, as well as the way nations and organizations respond to them.

Eine rote Nelke im Knopfloch einer Jacke

The past and the present of social movements constitute the research subject at the institute, which focuses primarily on the labour and union movement in terms of both education and research.

Research Structures
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