Research structures

With a total of nine research focus areas, RUB pursues the goal of investigating research questions in cross-faculty clusters. The so called Research Departments form the umbrella for interdisciplinary research in larger alliances. The four research buildings at RUB are used to realise large research investment projects, which are characterised by excellent academic quality and national importance.

Cutting-edge research at RUB is organised using flexible, interdisciplinary Research Departments.

With its research buildings, RUB is one of the leading lights in North Rhine-Westphalia. The buildings provide optimal infrastructure for research.

What’s more, RUB is linked regionally, nationally, and internationally through a variety of collaborations and associations and as part of the University Alliance Ruhr.

Good to know

The RUB provides its researchers with a wide variety of research infrastructures that enable complex experiments and make working on campus more efficient. These include among others:

Research at RUB
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