Research Departments

Cutting-edge research at Ruhr University is organized using flexible, interdisciplinary Research Departments (RD). Larger clusters are formed from the Research Departments, which are closely linked to each other and internationally, in order to investigate overarching research questions and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Ein Monitor zeigt, wie sich eine grüne Flüssigkeit in einer transparenten Flüssigkeit löst.

The team at this Research Department analyses the role of solvents in chemical and industrial processes.

Vorhängeschloss auf einer Tastatur

Webbrowsers, Internet of Things, and quantum cryptography – researchers at the Research Department Horst Görtz Institute for IT Security are always striving to remain one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Zwei Hände schrauben an einem großen Messgerät.

Researchers are developing novel high-performance materials with properties that had not as yet been exploited.

Ein Gehirnmodell in Form von aufgefächerten Scheiben

Ruhr University’s research landscape in the field of neuroscience encompasses everything from the molecular level, through cognitive and clinical research, to neural computation.

Rote Religionsbücher

A major area of research focuses on the momentum of religion and on tradition, including non-religious contexts.

Ein Tropfen Flüssigkeit hängt an einer Pipette über einem kleinen Gefäß.

The team at this Research Department studies detail structures of proteins as well as their complex interplay within cells.


This Research Department focuses on areas that have hitherto been virtually unknown and which are characterized by complex interactions of plasmas with their environment.


The team at this Research Department analyses, among other things, the potential of geothermal energy, congestion-free transport of goods, and subterranean storage of greenhouse gases.

Thermometer vor der Sonne

The team at this Research Department studies the technological, scientific, and social challenges that occur during the transition to closed carbon cycles.

Research Structures
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