Research Department Carbon Cycle Thermometer (EN)
Thermometer in front of the sun

Closed Carbon Cycle Economy (CCCE)

The team at this Research Department studies the technological, scientific, and social challenges that occur during the transition to closed carbon cycles.

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the climate gas that makes a crucial contribution to global warming. To prevent huge quantities of this from entering the atmosphere unhindered, the interdisciplinary team at the Research Department is looking for ways to achieve closed carbon cycles. Far-reaching changes are required that, for instance, relate to the way in which we generate electricity or heating energy, provide process heat for industry and energy for mobility.

Besides these scientific/technical challenges, the researchers also dedicate themselves to the associated societal questions. In order to, for instance, further develop methods for energy production or to store CO2 over the long term, new technologies must also be politically enforceable and accepted by the public. Finally, business models must also be developed. Economic and legal framework conditions, moral codes, our recreational habits – all of this and much more has an influence on such a far-reaching development and is also influenced by imminent changes.


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