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Plasmas with Complex Interactions

This Research Department focuses on areas that have hitherto been virtually unknown and which are characterised by complex interactions of plasmas with their environment.

Plasmas – glowing, energetically stimulated gases – are everywhere and are real all-rounders in industry: with them, medical equipment can be sterilised, surfaces can be coated, light can be created and much more. They are applied in semiconductor technology, microsystem technology, the finishing of technical surfaces or to switch high currents. Plasma technology is thus one of the key technologies of the 21st century with great potential for innovation.

The members of the Research Department Plasmas with Complex Interactions conduct research into previously virtually unknown areas, which are characterised by the complex interaction of plasmas with their environment. The work extends far beyond the traditional limits of plasma research in that it transfers plasma techniques and methods to solid-state physics, materials science, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. A focus lies on the technically important non-equilibrium plasmas.

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