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The RUB’s research landscape in the field of neuroscience encompasses everything from the molecular level, through cognitive and clinical research, to neural computation.

How are visual impressions processed in the brain? Is it more difficult for us to learn under stress? What happens in the brain when we age? How do children learn? These and many other questions are looked at by the members of the Research Department Neuroscience, which combines interdisciplinary and wide-ranging neuroscientific research at RUB.

Around 500 neuroscientists from biology and biotechnology, chemistry and biochemistry, medicine, psychology, and neuroinformatics work together on neuroscientific research questions on the campus and in the associated clinics. The Research Department offers an integrative research platform that comprises molecular, cellular, systemic, cognitive and clinical neuroscience through to neuroinformatics, and has thus established a multidisciplinary strategy to conduct research on brain functions. Research focus areas include systems, learning and memory, brain pathology, and the applied neurosciences.

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