Research Department Solvation grüne Flüssigkeit Lösungsmittel (EN)
Ein Monitor zeigt, wie sich eine grüne Flüssigkeit in einer transparenten Flüssigkeit löst.

Solvation Science

The team at this Research Department analyses the role of solvents in chemical and industrial processes.

Almost all chemical reactions – from biology to industrial processes – take place in a solution or in contact with solvents. The detailed understanding of solvation processes thus forms the basis for upcoming key technologies such as green chemistry and electrochemistry.

It is essential when it comes to tapping into chemical processes, optimising industrial processes, improving environmental protection, preventing corrosion, and increasing energy efficiency, as well as for the understanding of biological processes, for which water is the ubiquitous solvent.

In contrast to common practice, the researchers at the Research Department do not approach these questions in an empirical and descriptive manner. Instead, they want to research the principles in detail in order to gain universal knowledge and be able to predict the behavior of molecules and reactions in solution. To do this, they use experimental and spectroscopic methods as well as the latest computer simulations.

RD Solvation Science

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