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Subsurface Modeling and Engineering

The team at this Research Department analyses, among other things, the potential of geothermal energy, congestion-free transport of goods, and subterranean storage of greenhouse gases.

Undreamt-of possibilities lie deep under our cellars: geothermal energy, congestion-free routes for the transport of goods, and storage capacities for climate gases and harmful substances are just a few examples. The Research Department Subsurface Modeling and Engineering aims to intelligently use this potential.

The researchers thus want to use numeric models, lab experiments and deep drilling to develop concepts for the more environmentally-friendly use of geothermal energy. To minimise traffic chaos and environmental problems in conurbations, they are researching reliable forecasting models to make tunnel construction safer, more efficient and more economical. Simulation models should also help to store CO2 and other harmful substances underground in an environmentally friendly way over long periods and to render them harmless to the atmosphere.

The Research Department is an interdisciplinary research platform for specialists from the fields of computer simulation, civil engineering, geosciences, mechanical engineering, IT, mathematics, economics, and archaeology.

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