ERC Grantee Heinrich Wansing (EN)
Heinrich Wansing

ERC Grantee Professor Heinrich Wansing

Professor Heinrich Wansing holds the Chair of logic and epistemology at the Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Science.

Heinrich Wansing studied philosophy and linguistics at the University of Düsseldorf and the Free University of Berlin. After holding positions in Amsterdam, Hamburg, and Leipzig, he was Professor of Philosophy of Science and Logic at the TU Dresden from 1998 to 2010. Since 2010 he holds a professorship for logic and epistemology at Ruhr University Bochum. He is a managing editor of the journal Studia Logica and editor-in-chief of the book series Trends in Logic.

In his ERC Advanced Grant he is investigating non-trivial inconsistent logical systems. The project starts in 2021.

Inconsistent Logics

The project meets the challenge of a rigorous break with the Aristotelian tradition.


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