Grantee Professor Wolfgang Schuhmann

Professor Wolfgang Schuhmann, member of the Excellence Cluster Ruhr Explores Solvation RESOLV, has been awarded an ERC Advanced Grant.

ERC Advanced Grant Wolfgang Schuhmann (EN)
Wolfgang Schuhmann

Wolfgang Schuhmann obtained his diploma degree in chemistry from the University in Karlsruhe 1982 and his PhD from the Technical University of Munich 1986. After finishing his habilitation thesis at the Technical University of Munich in 1993, he was appointed to be a professor for Analytical Chemistry at Ruhr University Bochum in 1996.

In his ERC Advanced Grant, he wants to find a way to convert carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides into useful or harmless substances. The project starts in 2019.

Catalysts for Controlled Cascade Reactions

The aim of the ERC project is to understand the design of cooperating catalysts for selective cascade reactions and demonstrate their function. The research focuses on producing basic platform chemicals through the reduction of CO2 and air purification to remove nitrogen oxides.


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