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A small plant grows on a rock.

How Plants Adapt

Some plants are able to thrive even on heavy-metal polluted soil. How that works is analyzed in this project.

Desert, toxic rocks, or soil with a high salt content: plants that have evolved to adapt to the most adverse conditions are everywhere. The composition of soil varies from location to location – including places where the differences can barely be seen with the naked eye. Plants master the challenges of their environment quite unobtrusively, for the most part.

In her ERC Grant, Professor Ute Krämer analyzes which natural genetic mutation enable plants to survive in extreme locations.

Rockcress of the Arabidopsis halleri species is an example of outstanding evolutionary adaptability. Ute Krämer utilises it as model organism in her research.

The ERC Advanced Grant awarded to Ute Krämer amounts to 2.5 million euros. The project starts in 2018.

Press release (German)

Professor Ute Krämer

Ute Krämer was appointed to the Ruhr University’s Department of Plant Physiology in 2009.


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