Nachwuchsforschungsgruppen NRW Urkunde Mappe (EN)
A folder with the inscription NRW Junior Research Groups

NRW Junior Research Groups

In interdisciplinary collaboration, the research groups study major social challenges, such as climate protection, sustainable production, health, demographic change, and social soli.

  • Ergonomic Principles of Safe Technologies in a Digital SocietyR.Go.Sec
    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Malte Elson
    Faculty of Psychology
    Funding since 2018
  • Combination of Enzyme Reactions with Metal-organic Catalysis for the Development of New Chemobiocatalytic Cascade Reactions – ChemBioCat
    Prof. Dr. Dirk Tischler
    Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology
    Funding since 2015
Junior Research Groups
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