Sofja Kovalevskaja Nachwuchsgruppe Urkunde Mappe (EN)
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Sofja Kovalevskaja Awards – Junior research groups

With this award, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supports successful early career researchers who are setting up a workgroup.

  • Listening to Young Voices: Improving the understanding Of early psychotic-like experiences in adolescents (The YVORI Study)
    Dr. Mar Rus-Calafell
    Faculty of Psychology
    Funding since 2020

  • Europe’s Postwar Consensus: A Golden Age of Social Cohesion and Mobility?
    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Jan De Graaf
    Institute for Social Movements
    Funding since 2019

  • Dialetheism and paraconsistent logics: towards a systematic view and full assessment
    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Hitoshi Omori
    Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Research
    Funding since 2018

  • High power THz sources
    Prof. Dr. Clara Saraceno
    Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
    Funding since 2015

  • New Logic for Increasingly Complex Science
    Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Straßer
    Faculty of Philosophy and Educational Research
    Funding 2014 to 2019
  • Cryptosystems beyond the Next Generation
    Prof. Dr. Eike Kiltz
    Faculty of Mathematics
    Funding 2010 to 2015
  • Quarks und Gluonen – die Bausteine der Atome
    Prof. Dr. Maxim Polyakov
    Faculty of Physics and Astronomy
    Funding 2002 to 2007

Junior research groups
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