Sonderforschungsbereich SFB 103 Turbinenschaufel (EN)
Detailed view of a turbine blade

From Atom to Turbine Blade – Scientific Foundations for a New Generation of Monocrystalline Superalloys

The team of the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio is researching into the technique for the gasturbines of tomorrow.

Monocrystalline turbine blades in gas turbines are as indispensable for keeping modern society moving as they are for providing a steady, sustainable supply of electricity. The key materials for these turbine blades are so-called monocrystalline superalloys – alloys based on nickel and cobalt.

In order to achieve both a higher degree of efficiency and greater sustainability with these superalloys, the Collaborative Research Centre/Transregio 103 is investigating the basis for a new monocrystalline technology.

Fundamental questions lie at centre of the research – for example, questions concerning which structural formation processes occur during production using vacuum investment casting or additive manufacturing, and how microstructures withstand high-temperature mechanical stress. The Collaborative Research Centre brings together researchers from the fields of materials science and engineering, solid state physics and chemistry, and cross-scale material modelling and production engineering.

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