Collaborative Research Centres Coordinated at Ruhr University

In these projects, Ruhr University researchers conduct interdisciplinary work for a period of up to twelve years, funded by the German Research Foundation.

Alfred Ludwig ist Sprecher des SFB

The team at this Collaborative Research Centre aims to understand and design the surfaces of complex metallic solid solutions with atomic precision.


The virtual world is increasingly becoming normalised. The implications and consequences of this trend are being explored by more than 50 researchers in this Collaborative Research Centre.

Gerät mit Messanzeige

The aim is to produce chemicals sustainably and efficiently in the post-fossil age.


The innovative core of the Collaborative Research Center lies in the fact that it focuses on metaphoricity as a central principle of religious meaning formation.

Galaxie NGC 4217

The Collaborative Research Centre combines the subfields of astrophysics, plasma physics, astroparticle physics and particle physics.

Taschenrechner und Geodreieck vor einer Tafel

This Collaborative Research Centre researches into symplectic structures and technologies in the fields of geometry, algebra, dynamical systems, and topology.

Mann auf Leiter

By using computer simulations, the teams intend to render energy and resource-intensive large-scale industrial production processes more efficient.

SFB 1280 Extinktionslernen

The team at this Collaborative Research Centre studies how previously acquired information can be unlearned.

Violett leuchtende Vierecke

This Collaborative Research Centre explores how the non-equilibrium property of plasma can be transferred on contact with liquids and solids.

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