Research at RUB

With its 21 faculties, RUB houses a broad range of disciplines on one compact campus, from natural and engineering sciences, through life sciences and medicine, to humanities and social sciences.

F. Ömer Ilday
The renowned physicist receives the most highly endowed research award in Germany. In Bochum, he is to open up new fields of research in materials science and establish a research centre.
Porträt von Gregor Leander
Funded by the European Research Council with 2.5 million euros, Gregor Leander is developing new encryption methods. He wanders off the beaten track and doesn’t simply rely on the principle of trial and error.
Porträt Frank Dickmann
We are growing more and more dependent on digital navigation. Frank Dickmann is researching ways of improving our individual spatial orientation skills in spite of this trend.

Research focus areas

The established research focus areas at RUB are organised using Research Departments and lie in Solvation Science, Cyber Security, Neuroscience, Materials Research, Plasmas with Complex Interactions, Religious Studies, Protein Science, Subsurface Modeling and Engineering, and Closed Carbon Cycle Economy.

Research Departments

Most chemical reactions, important industrial processes, and almost all biological processes take place in the liquid phase. In the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV, scientists work in the field of solvation science.

IT security has become a central societal issue since networked devices have permeated our world. This is what the Cluster of Excellence CASA is concerned with.

Zwei junge Forscher mit Laptops

Promoting young researchers is of key importance at Ruhr University Bochum.

RUB unites research expertise under one roof that spans the full breadth and width of disciplines and is pretty much unparalleled in Germany. This is reflected in our Collaborative Research Centres.

With its research buildings, RUB is one of the leading lights in North Rhine-Westphalia. The buildings provide optimal infrastructure for research.

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