Excellence Strategy

As part of its Excellence Strategy, the German Research Foundation currently supports the Clusters of Excellence RESOLV and CASA at Ruhr University Bochum– in the fields of solvation science and IT security.

Most chemical reactions, important industrial processes, and almost all biological processes take place in the liquid phase. In the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV, scientists work in the field of solvation science.

IT security has become a central societal issue since networked devices have permeated our world. This is what the Cluster of Excellence CASA is concerned with.

Excellence Strategy

The aim of the Excellence Strategy is to strengthen Germany’s position as an outstanding place for research in the long term and further improve its international competitiveness.

The Excellence Strategy compromises two funding lines:

  • Clusters of Excellence for project-based funding in internationally competitive fields of research at universities or university consortia
  • Universities of Excellence to strengthen universities as individual institutions or as university consortia in the long term and further develop their leading international role on the basis of successful Clusters of Excellence.

Ruhr University Bochum in the Excellence Competition

Ruhr University Bochum was already successful in the first Excellence Initiative in 2006 with the campus-wide graduate school RUB Research School. In the second round of the Excellence Initiative 2012, the Research School was further promoted as Research School PLUS and has now been consolidated. The Ruhr Explores Solvation (RESOLV) Excellence Cluster was also successful for the first time in 2012. In the Excellence Strategy, RESOLV will continue to receive funding from 2019; in addition, the CASA Excellence Cluster will receive funding. With combined strength, the University Alliance Ruhr is applying for the Excellence Strategy competition in 2023/2024. Scientists from Ruhr University Bochum, TU Dortmund University and the University of Duisburg-Essen are involved in a total of four research projects that can submit a full proposal as a Cluster of Excellence, including the renewal proposals from RESOLV and CASA.

Research Projects
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