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BMBF Junior Research Groups

Within the framework of various specialist programmes, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) enables young researchers to raise funds for their own junior research groups. Here, they are given the opportunity – often in interdisciplinary teams – to work on new research assignments and deepen their research skills.

  • GalvaNection - Galvanic processes for functional coatings in battery technology
    Dr. Julia Linnemann
    Faculty of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Funding since 2024

  • Virbio – Establishment of a New Virus Informatics Research Group in the Field of Infection Biology
    Dr. Daniel Todt
    Faculty of Medicine
    Funding since 2022

  • SALUS – Ethical Aspects of Coercion in Psychiatry in the Area of Tension Between Self-Determination, Health Well-Being and Safety
    Dr. Jakov Gather
    Faculty of Medicine
    Funding since 2018
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Junior Research Groups
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