Forschungsbau ZGH Computergrafik (EN)
Architectural draft of ZGH

Centre for Interface-Dominated High Performance Materials (ZGH)

The Centre for Interface-Dominated High Performance Materials is being created on the RUB campus between the buildings IA and IB.

The building will offer space to around 80 academics for their research work. They will investigate and further develop materials for extreme conditions in an interdisciplinary manner. The federal government and the state of NRW each provide half of the funding for the research building, totalling 40 million euros. The construction phase is ongoing. The building will open in autumn 2019.


Good to know

Research buildings are designed to improve the infrastructural conditions at higher education institutions in Germany. These institutions can thus boost their ranking on the national and international level. Eligible for funding are buildings at higher-education institutions with investment costs in excess 5 million euros the infrastructure of which is primarily used for research purposes.

The funds are disbursed by the Federal Government and the federal states in equal shares. Competing with other institutions for the establishment of such research infrastructure of national significance, RUB has acquired funds amounting to approximately 160 million euros to date.

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