ERC Advanced Grant Projects

With its renowned Grants, the European Research Council supports established researchers who wish to pursue an idea that is groundbreaking, yet still riddled with uncertainties.

Eine Karte auf dem Display eines Tablets

We are growing more and more dependent on digital navigation. Frank Dickmann is researching ways of improving our individual spatial orientation skills in spite of this trend.

Eine Person hält ein Smartphone in der Hand.

To date, the security of encryption methods has often been determined by trial and error. Gregor Leander intends to design ciphers that are underpinned by sound security arguments right from the start.


A super tightly spaced periodic array of laser pulses to cut, weld, or 3D print materials.

Schloss auf Tastatur

Practical applications are often complex and mathematically messy – which is why theoretical research has often dealt with problems that have nothing to do with real-world situations. Eike Kiltz hopes to change that.

Wasserstoffsymbol im Periodensystem

In order to get hydrogen into widespread use as an energy carrier, it is necessary to scale up production processes. In the ERC project, the required basic research will be conducted.

Taube vor MRT

How does cognition develop in a brain so completely different from ours?


The problems of monoculture are legion. So why are they still with us?


The project meets the challenge of a rigorous break with the Aristotelian tradition.

Formeln an Tafel

We generally take for granted that the particles inside atomic nuclei stick together. However, the interactions between the nuclear constituents are, for the most part, not fully understood.


New catalysts will help to convert carbon dioxide or nitrogen oxides into useful or harmless substances.

Eine kleine Pflanze wächst auf einem Stein.

Some plants are able to thrive even on heavy-metal polluted soil. How that works is analyzed in this project.


The Cluster of Excellence RESOLV specialises in analyzing fundamental biological reactions in aqueous solutions.

Laptop mit Programmiercode

Individual areas of everyday life become more and more connected. The project studies ways of protecting hardware against attacks.

Previous Advanced Grants

  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Endreß (Participation): „Greek into Arabic: Philosophical Concepts and Linguistic Bridges“, 2010

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