SFB 874 Gehirn Nervenzellen Mikroskopie
Eine Person zeigt auf eine mikroskopische Aufnahme

Integration and representation of sensory processes

This Collaborative Research Centre investigates how perception becomes memory.

Helping memory on its way is the intention of researchers in the Collaborative Research Centre “Integration and representation of sensory processes”. They study how perception turns into memory and behavior.

Hearing, smell, taste, sight, touch, balance, and pain: the fundamentals of sensory perceptions and the areas of the brain in which they are found have largely been researched. In contrast, Collaborative Research Centre 874 is interested in the next step: how are our sensory signals processed in the brain and thus combined with each other to create a complex memory?

The scientists work with a system-oriented neuro-scientific strategy to understand the interaction between sensory signals, perception, behavior, and memory and investigate the respective interdependencies.

SFB 874

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