ERC Consolidator Grant projects

This European Research Council Grant paves the way towards research independence and helps researchers, for example, to set up their own research group.

Eine leuchtende Kugel in einem roten Strudel

Neutron stars may be much heavier than predicted by theory. This is possibly due to hyperons, i.e. poorly understood elementary particles. John Bulava aims at reconciling theory and experiment with new simulations.

Lila Netz vor schwarzem Grund

Astrophysicist Dr Elisa Pueschel wants to penetrate a still unexplored mass range of dark matter particles.

Eine Person arbeitet an einem großen Forschungsinstrument.

In order to improve the safety and durability of batteries, for example those used in electric cars, it is necessary to understand the processes that take place inside them down to the atomic level. Tong Li intends to lay the foundations for this as part of a Consolidator Grant.


Rare oxygen isotopes serve as an indication of processes that took place billions of years ago.


Carbanions are highly reactive reagents. However, they can be stabilised by smart molecular design to open up new areas of application.

Menschen am Jaffator in Jerusalem um 1915

The project explores social and cultural dynamics in the Palestine region between 1880 and 1920, analyzing largely untapped data.

Altes Gebäude

The project explores the complex medieval history of the Armenian plateau and its adjacent areas.

Kompass auf Handy

The brain is capable of navigating complex environments. Grid cells play an important role in the process.


Discrepancies between measurements give rise to questions about physics beyond the standard model.


How Buddhism developed locally in premodern Central Asian cultures is analyzed within this project.

Ein Forschungsgerät mit vielen einzelnen Kammern

The aim is to gain new insights into the catalytic abilities of nanoparticles, particularly how the size, shape and chemical state of the particles change during a catalytic reaction.


How Jews and Christians encountered each other and lived together from the end of late antiquity is the research question of this project.

Eine Platine

Chips contain information that needs to be protected with cryptographic protocols. The project focuses on the development of new security measures.

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