Funding bodies

Our staff at the Research Office are happy to advise you on the choice of appropriate funding bodies for your research or transfer project. The team at the Research Office provides advice on all matters related to application and project management at various international and national funding bodies. The following pages provide an overview of the services and contacts relevant for research funding at RUB.

Potential funding sources for projects include the German Research Foundation, various ministries, the Land of North Rhine-Westphalia, and numerous foundations.

The European Union provides financial backing for projects through its current Framework Programme Horizon 2020.

International research funding

Information on research funding

Digital information on research funding

The Electronic Research Funding Information System, ELFI for short, provides a comprehensive database to RUB members including up-to-date information on research funding options, grants and awards.

Research School

Information on research funding for postdoc researchers is available at the Research School.

Research newsletter

The vice rector for research, transfer and early career researchers distributes a newsletter on research funding. The newsletter contains information on current calls for tender by third-party funding bodies and other relevant information pertaining to research funding.

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