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RUB has been a member of the Transparent Animal Testing Initiative (“Initiative Transparente Tierversuche”) since 1 July 2021. These pages are currently under construction and will provide detailed insights into research involving animal testing at RUB in the future.

On this website, you can find answers to the eight most frequently asked questions about animal experiments at RUB.

This page offers insights into how many animals were used at RUB for research purposes in recent years.

Transparent Animal Testing Initiative

RUB and the University Hospital of RUB are committed to providing transparent information about animal testing, for instance about the methods applied and the number of animals used. They are members of the Transparent Animal Testing Initiative (German website), which was created in July 2021 by the German Research Foundation and the Understanding Animal Testing (German website) information platform founded by the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany. The overriding principle of research involving animal testing at RUB is a responsible use of test animals, which takes into account the greatest possible protection of the animals and all legal animal welfare provisions. Observance of and compliance with the animal protection law are a matter of course here. RUB is aware of the ethical dimension of research involving animal testing and would like to engage in a dialogue with the public on this topic.

Test animals are only used at RUB where no suitable alternative method is available; however, Bochum researchers are also conducting research into methods that could replace animal testing in certain areas. In biomedical research, animal testing represents an important part of the spectrum of experimental methods according to the current status of research. All RUB researchers who work using animal testing complete corresponding further training courses beforehand to ensure that the animals are handled in a responsible manner in keeping with animal welfare. An animal welfare board oversees the observance of all legal provisions and approval requirements.

These websites are currently under construction. Detailed information on animal testing at RUB will soon be provided here.

Selected results of animal experimental research

Using a novel research method, Bochum-based research team identifies universal principles in categorisation learning.

A single protein from one virus can prevent infection with another virus in cell culture.

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