Research Culture

Regardless of the way research is funded, Ruhr University always supports high-quality international-standard research and advocates its visibility on a global level. The principle of sustainability is particularly guiding.

Ruhr University Bochum is aware that making research data available and accessible is essential for transparency, scientific progress, and the distribution of research findings.

In order to maintain public trust in science, researchers are required to always show due diligence.

With a publication guideline, an Open Access Fund and the university bibliography, Ruhr University Bochum supports its researchers in publishing their results and in compiling publication lists.

Ruhr University supports researchers who have significantly contributed to improving the university’s visibility in research and education on a global level.

Collage aus einem Laser-Versuchsaufbau, alten Büchern und einer Pipette

What characterizes good research? So far, numbers have often been the answer to this question. But they are not enough. The criteria should be better tailored to the requirements. Ruhr University is aiming to do this.

Service for Researchers
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